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Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government

熱蘭遮博物館 臺南 400
Definition of Business Scope
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Photos of related activities, top 1: Chihkan Tower, top 2: performances, bottom 1, 2, 3: guided tour

Definition of Business Scope:

* Management and maintenance of monuments
* Manpower Assessment and Application Management of Monuments
* Monuments adaptive re-use - outsourcing business
* Monuments and heritage management and heritage buildings, land inventory and registration operations
* Tree Health Management in Monuments Area
* Monuments and other cultural events marketing business
* Cultural and creative heritage souvenir merchandise selection and development work
* Cultural volunteer business
* Income of the Cultural Construction Development Fund
* Cultural Foundation apply for the establishment and management
* Street Artists' Antiquities District Exhibition Registration and Arts salon performance group counselling and promotion