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Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government

熱蘭遮博物館 臺南 400
Eternal Golden Fort (億載金城 )
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Eternal Golden Fort (億載金城 )

Full price tickets: NT$ 50, half price tickets: NT$ 25 (Free entry for Tainan City residents with IDs)


Mon. - Sun.  830 - 1730


Eternal Golden Fort (億載金城), is also known as Erkunshen Fortress (二鯤鯓砲台), and is a red four-walled castle surrounded by bastions and moat on all four sides. In ancient times, the strip of turf in the center would have been used for military drills by soldiers, and when looking at the site on the map it becomes clear that it is of a particularly evenly proportioned rhombus design. Through the vicissitudes of history, the Eternal Golden Fort lost its relevance as a military stronghold, and has now become a popular tourist destination. During holidays and weekends, staff dressed as Qing soldiers re-enact gunnery drills on the fort, and this evocation of times past leaves visitors thrilled and excited. In March and April, the perimeter of the site becomes even more beautiful as the yellow flowers of Golden Trumpet trees bloom.